Why don't you 'Feel the rhyhtm of Korea: SEOUL'?
Why don't you 'Feel the rhyhtm of Korea: SEOUL'?
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Introducing public advertisement: Feel the rhythm of Korea: Seoul.

[Influencenews I Jooho Back, Correspondent] Five months have passed since Imagine your Korea uploaded "Feel the rhythm of Korea: Seoul". "Feel the rhythm of Korea" series is a public advertisements produced by the Korea Tourism Organization, collaborated with the band "Inalchi" and the Ambiguous Dance Company.

Consisted of 6 episodes, including Seoul, Busan, Jeonju, Andong, Mokpo, and Gangneung, visitors can enjoy exciting dances and songs with popular tourist attraction. "Feel the rhythm of Korea" broke the existing custom of public promotional video and created free vibes.

On the episode of Feel the rhythm of Korea: Seoul, alternative pop band Inalchi captivated viewers with the song "A tiger is coming". "A tiger is coming" is a part of the Pansori-a traditional music genre of the Korea- "Sugungga," where a tortoise which came up to land in search of a rabbit liver meets a tiger. It mesmerizes audiences by harmonizing traditional Pansori with modern pop styles. On top of that, the Ambiguous Dance Company's exciting dance and spectacular view of Korean tourist attractions are introducing a new meaning of "Koreanness" to people. [Video source=Imagine your Korea]

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