Triple Bristle, "TB Kids' Brush" Achieved 23,082,000 KRW at Wadiz Funding
Triple Bristle, "TB Kids' Brush" Achieved 23,082,000 KRW at Wadiz Funding
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[Influencenews I Hyeseon LEE, Correspondent] Triple Bristle Korea said that TB Kids' Brush reached 2308 percent.

The Triple Bristle is a product developed by Max Babiner, the third generation of dentists in the U.S. Max Babiner recognized problems with the existing electric toothbrush and created an electric toothbrush which makes a bubble 31,000 vibrations per minute to clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums.

In particular, the 3-sided brush head of the Triple Bristle electric toothbrush is a small head and a delicate. The soft toothbrush head is tilted at a 45-degree angle to match the shape, position, and size of the teeth, which draws much attention from consumers who are wearing teeth braces or having treatments. Also, the "TB Kids' Brush" can be used with ease even for children with weak gums and teeth, and can also be used by adults with small mouths and small teeth.

Korean exclusive distributor V-Smart is developing and distributing quality, innovative items overseas and seeks to create a new trend in Korea by acquiring exclusive licenses for the latest products and idea products not introduced in the domestic market, not only for promotion, marketing, and sales but also distributing new products from Tech to fashion magazines.

Details of the TB Kids' Brush which ends at midnight today, can be found at Wadiz Funding.


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