KOREAN BROS ENT, Uploaded "Reaction of Foreigners Shocked by the Korean Zombie Series"
KOREAN BROS ENT, Uploaded "Reaction of Foreigners Shocked by the Korean Zombie Series"
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[Influencenews I Hyeseon LEE, Correspondent] As Netflix's second season of "Kingdom" released on 13 March, KOREAN BROS ENT uploaded a YouTube video containing four foreign panelists' reactions watching the Kingdom.

Carson from the U.S. said, "Because season 1 ended abruptly was curious about season 2."

The first season of the Kingdom drew attention by unintentionally introducing the Joseon Dynasty and other doubles to Netflix viewers in many countries, and many overseas fans waited for the second season to come out.

"I've never seen a zombie drama or movie with such a historical background," said Florian from Germany. Also, he said, "It was very creative and a foreigner's point of view, it may not have understood Korea's historical background, such as the background of the Joseon Dynasty, but it helped me to elaborate on the first episode.”

"The reason I don't watch this kind of drama makes me angry," said the four panelists who responded by saying, "I'll go straight to the movies after the shoot, and it's also the unique quality of the work of the Kingdom with social and political criticism."

Meanwhile, the film's media "The Cinemaholic" introduced the beautiful scenery of Middle Korea, elaborate costumes and royal palaces as very pleasant to watch, and overall, "If season 1 was great, then 2 exceeded all expectations of season 1," adding, "It's exciting from start to finish."

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