“What a Wonderland” ··· "Koreanet" Video Is the Talk of the World
“What a Wonderland” ··· "Koreanet" Video Is the Talk of the World
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[Influencenews I Hyeseon LEE, Correspondent] A video that shows Koreans actively conducting "COVID-19" tests and voluntarily volunteering for volunteer work touches the global community.

The video of "Korea, Wonderland? What a Wonderland" released on YouTube viewed more than 3,278,723 times.

The video was produced by Korean Culture and Information Service under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and released on its official channel "Koreananet."

The video features grand music with a story of Koreans helping the community in the face of the COVID-19 proliferation and will to overcome the crisis.

The story begins an 83-year-old grandmother who donated 20 hand-stitched masks with the faded cloth.

"This is the way people in Korea are," the video said. "When a virus was spreading from person to person around the world, and people were shunning each other in fear of infection, the people of Korea came together."

The video shows medical staff wearing protective clothing, a pile of donated items for medical staff, and a text message screen of tenants who want to reduce rent during difficult times.

Along with the screen, "They rolled up their sleeves and helped their community in need."

"The unity of the Korean people has always emerged in times of need," the video said. "During the Asian financial crisis, all citizens participated in a nationwide gold collection to pay off the debt to the IMF and when an oil spill from a tanker blackened a wide stretch of coastline, they came together to do things that others thought were impossible."

The video said, "When other countries refused to reveal their own virus outbreaks, " adding "Korea got widespread testing up to and running."

The transparent system and leadership they have shown are the core of a democratic society facing a crisis.

"If you happen to meet any Koreans who are fighting the virus, please say to them, "Let's overcome this together," the video said.

There is a lot of publicity about this time. There are currently more than 15,006 comments. In particular, there were comments from not only Koreans but also foreigners.

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