KBO Exploded in Overseas Reaction
KBO Exploded in Overseas Reaction
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[Influencenews I Hyeseon LEE, Correspondent] Foreign fans who have encountered professional baseball through ESPN and other media are more than imaginable.

Interest in KBO grew after professional sports in the U.S. suspended due to the COVID-19.

The reaction of American baseball fans encountered the KBO league heated up Reddit and SNS.

Fans enjoyed the KBO by leaving comments such as "Korean referees are the same as American referees," "Where is Lee Dae-ho playing?" "I stayed up all night to watch this," "Are the LG Twins and the Samsung Lions rivals?" and "The Samsung Lions can steal autographs with the Galaxy Watch.”

In particular, the reaction to Batflip, which throws a bat after hitting a home run, was explosive.

Unlike KBO, Major League Baseball does not play bat flip to avoid provoking opponents. When you play bat flip, a blank ball flies in an at-bat.

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